You want to focus on your business, your creating, your super brilliant ideas. Most of all, you want a great website to showcase your brand. And here is the problem... You either have to learn designing from scratch and spend hundreds of hours perfecting it, or you have to hand over thousands of dollars to have someone else create your space for you. And like I said above, I know the feeling!
I have been on both sides, the hiring and the creating.
Lucky for me, I fell in love with it! 
So, no more days of wondering what you're going to do next. Here at Sarah Gai Designs, I have Wix website templates to suit all your Girl Boss needs. And just like me, they cover a fair few personalities. I have neat & clean, Girly, boho, funky, and a bit of whimsical.
And each are perfect for bloggers, coaches, authors, small business, photography & more. And it doesn't just stop with websites, but also Canva templates that will save you so much time, and help with cohesive branding!
So, let's get you started in making the template unique, just like you!
I'm a wife to a very patient Husband.
I'm a Mama to 3 little men, who want to grow up to be superheroes.
I write Curvy Girl Fiction for a living under Sarah Gai.
I have a beautiful companion of a cat named Del after Delorian form Back to the Future.
I live on Coffee & no sleep.
I LOVE to sleep. 
My friends are my family & soul sisters who I treasure to the moon and back.
Creating for me is like breathing.
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